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Degree Program

The Ukiah Program offers an upper-division degree completion program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. Liberal Studies-Ukiah does not currently offer a minor or post-baccalaureate degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Think critically 
  2. Master oral presentation techniques 
  3. Master written analysis 
  4. Generate and document a well-reasoned argument 
  5. Write college essays across disciplines 
  6. Apply theories to contemporary issues 
  7. Enhance one’s awareness across cultures

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Writing Competency

The GWAR has been waived for students in a catalog year between Fall 2020 through Spring 2023. The WEPT exam is no longer being offered as a method for completing the GWAR.

Students entering SSU with a catalog year Fall 2023 and beyond will be required to meet the GWAR as part of their graduation requirements. Sonoma State is currently working on a new policy to be implemented for students entering in the catalog year Fall 2023.

One way students can meet the GWAR is through WIC (Writing Intensive Curriculum) Courses which are identified in the Schedule of Classes with the WIC attribute.

Please note: Graduate students will no longer be required to fulfill the GWAR.

More information can be found on the GWAR website.

General Education

In addition to completing the 48-unit lower division GE pattern (which you may have completed before beginning the Liberal Studies major), students are required to complete of 9 units of upper division General Education coursework across two different GE areas.  See the Transfer GE Pattern for a list of GE courses, many of which are offered through the Liberal Studies major.

Major Curriculum (Effective Fall 2019)

The major consists 50 upper division units plus up to 70 units of transfer credit (for a total of 120 units for the B.A.). Here is a list of courses that meet each of the requirements below. If there is a course not on this list that you would like to substitute, please contact Rachel Donham for further support.

*Students must earn a C- in all courses applied to the Liberal Studies major*

Core (4 units; required of all majors)

  • SSCI 300: Introduction to Portfolio Development (1 unit)
  • SSCI 400: Portfolio Evaluation (3 units)

Arts & Humanties (15 units)

Upper division coursework in: Art; Art History; American Multicultural Studies; Chicano & Latino Studies; English; Native American Studies; Philosophy

Behavioral/Social Sciences (15 units)

Upper division coursework in: Anthropology; Geography, Environment & Planning; Gerontology; History; Human Development; Linguistics; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Women's & Gender Studies

Physical Sciences (6 units)

Upper division coursework in: Astronomy; Biology; Chemistry; Geology; Physics

Electives (10 units)

Upper division coursework taken from disciplines in the other required areas, as well as courses in Education or other disciplines in consultation with the program advisor.