Internships & Scholarships


Sonoma State University believes in supporting our students in their academic endeavors, and the Human Development Program encourages all of our majors to seek help financing their education. The SSU Scholarship Office oversees two scholarship programs: The University Scholarship Program (clearinghouse for multiple scholarships with a variety of criteria; open to all SSU students) and TheDream.US Program (for DACA and TPS students). The SSU Financial Aid Office has resources for students seeking other types of aid, including: grants, federal work-study, federal loans, alternative loans, and grants & loans for future teachers.


Internships are a great way to network, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience outside the classroom. Internships are optional, but encouraged for all Liberal Studies-Ukiah students. Please read on to learn more about the internship process.

Step 1: Find an Internship and On-site Supervisor

  1. Find an organization where you would like to intern (e.g., a school, a museum, a business, a non-profit, a community organization). Note that students cannot intern at an organization where they are currently employed. There are two reasons for this:
    1. An internship should introduce a student to a new organization where they can network and learn new skills. If they are already employed at a site, they are presumably already making those connections and learning those skills.
    2. A student who is employed with an organization would be getting academic credit for work they are getting paid to do as part of their job.
  2. Contact an individual at this organization who you think would be willing to oversee your participation in an internship and confirm that this person is willing to act as your on-site supervisor. The on-site supervisor is responsible for outlining the duties, responsibilities and projects you will perform as an intern. Once you have confirmed who will act as your on-site supervisor, set up a meeting to fill out your internship agreement.
  3. Go to the  Internship Agreement Form. If you want to fill the form out online, you will need to edit the PDF. If you want to print the form and write in the text by hand, choose the "Printed" option. 

A note on deadlines: Internship agreements must reach the Ukiah Program Coordinator by the following deadlines, so please ensure you meet with your on-site supervisor well before these dates (email reminders will be sent each semester):

  • Fall & Spring semesters: Priority deadline: 2 weeks after the start of the semester; Final deadline: 4 weeks after the start of the semester.
  • Summer: Wednesday of finals week for the Spring semester. Please note that summer internships are run through Extended Education and require an additional fee of $65/unit. Please write a check for the appropriate amount made out to “Sonoma State University” and mail it to the Program Coordinator with your Internship Agreement.
  • Winter: The Ukiah Program Coordinator will not oversee internships during winter intersession.

Step 2: Fill Out and Submit the Internship Agreement

  1. Check to make sure the form says "INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT" at the top. If it does not, you have opened the wrong form.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, type or write:
    1. The correct semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) and year.
    2. SSCI 499 for Course Name/#
    3. CR/NC for Grade Mode
    4. Determine number of units for your internship (1, 2, or 3). You will need to devote 45 hours per unit over the course of a 15 week semester (1 unit = 45 hours of internship work (3 hours/week, on average); 2 units = 90 hours (6 hours/week); 3 units = 135 hours (9 hours/week)). Remember, that any preparation, meetings with faculty sponsor and/or on-site supervisor, time log keeping, or outside research associated with the internship all count as hours, but driving time to and from your internship site do not count. The on-site hours combined with all of the other work add up to the total for the 16 week semester. If you need help with determining the amount of hours you will put in, email the Ukiah Program Coordinator, Carmen Works.
  3. Top section: Fill out your personal information and work with your on-site supervisor to fill out the following:
    • Title of internship (ultimately determined by work you will do. Examples: “Teaching Art to Pre School Children,” “Designing a playground protocol for conflict in elementary school,” “Designing math problems for after school program at Laytonville High School,” “Helping High School Students apply for College,” “Organizing in a Museum setting”)
    • Name and website of agency (if one exists).
    • Term of internship (e.g., Fall 2019 or August 2019-December 2019).
    • Weekly schedule & anticipated hours (if these hours differ from what is outlined in 1 (above) based on the units you indicated for your internship, you must either change your weekly schedule, number of weeks worked, or the number of units for your internship.
  4. Fill out Part A with your on-site supervisor. Be thoughtful about your own objectives for the internship. What do you hope to learn/experience?
  5. Before leaving your meeting, obtain your on-site supervisor's signature on the appropriate line in Part C (don't forget to sign as the student!).
  6. Confirm that Part B includes all of the following:
    • The faculty sponsor's name (Carmen Works), phone number (707-664-3084) and email (
    • The Academic components are listed as: "Time log and letter from on-site supervisor submitted to the faculty sponsor during the last week of the internship"
    • The process of evaluation by faculty sponsor is: "Confirm completion of internship hours and duties, as evidenced by student's time log and supervisor letter"
  7. Keep a copy of your completed internship form.
  8. Send your completed internship agreement to Dr. Works in one of the following ways:
    • MAIL to: Dr. Carmen Works, Liberal Studies-Ukiah Coordinator, Sonoma State University, Darwin 312, 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park, CA 94928,
    • EMAIL to:

Step 3: Submitting the Academic Components of your Internship

  1. Two weeks before finals week, confirm that your on-site supervisor is writing a letter about your participation in the internship.
  2. During the last week of classes (the week before finals week), obtain your supervisor's signature on your time log and pick up his/her letter regarding your participation.
  3. Send the following items to Dr. Carmen Works via EMAIL, or MAIL (see contact info in #10 above):
    • Your time log, signed by your on-site supervisor
    • Your on-site supervisor's letter
    • A copy of your original internship form
  4. Deadline: These items MUST reach Dr. Works by Tuesday of final's week (Fall and Spring semesters) or the last week of summer before the beginning of Fall semester (Summer) in order ensure you receive your grade for your internship in a timely fashion.
  5. Enjoy your good service!


If you have questions about the Ukiah-Liberal Studies internship program, please email Carmen Works, the Ukiah Program Coordinator.