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Internships & Scholarships


The Liberal Studies Ukiah Program encourages all of our majors to seek help financing their education. The SSU Scholarship Office oversees two scholarship programs: The University Scholarship Program (clearinghouse for multiple scholarships with a variety of criteria; open to all SSU students) and TheDream.US Program (for DACA and TPS students). The SSU Financial Aid Office has resources for students seeking other types of aid, including: grants, federal work-study, federal loans, alternative loans, and grants & loans for future teachers.


As part of Strategic Plan 2025, a Sonoma State Core Value is Connectivity and Community Engagement to Support Strategic Priorities of Student Success and Academic Excellence. Internships are a great way to network, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience outside the classroom. We encourage you to discuss the role of academic internships in your career goals with your academic advisor, Rachel Donham. You can view recent internship sites here but are not limited to this list.

Step 1: Find an Internship and On-site Supervisor

  1. Starting Fall 2021: If you have not already done so for a previous internship or service learning class, register in SSU Engage and sign and complete the documents therein. SSU Engage can be accessed through your MYSSU login. Watch this site for more information on when SSU Engage is activated.

  2. Find an organization where you would like to intern (e.g., a school, a museum, a business, a non-profit, a community organization). You may find opportunities in SSU Engage or find your own opportunity.

  3. Contact an individual at this organization who you think would be willing to oversee your participation in an internship and confirm that this person is willing to act as your on-site supervisor. The on-site supervisor is responsible for outlining the duties, responsibilities and projects you will perform as an intern.

  4. If this internship site is not registered in SSU Engage, contact Rachel Donham so she can connect the site with the Center for Community Engagement to begin the registration process.

Step 2: Fill Out and Submit the Internship Agreement

  1. Work with your Faculty Sponsor (Rachel Donham) and your On-Site supervisor to complete the Learning Contract. Note that internships require 45 units of on-site work per unit of academic credit.

  2. Submit your Learning Contract for approval and course registration.

A note on deadlines: Internships for academic credit may take place during the Fall and Spring semesters only. To ensure time for all approval steps, Learning Contracts with an attached Liability Release Form must reach the Ukiah Program Coordinator Faculty Sponsor, Rachel Donham, by the following deadlines. Please ensure you meet with your on-site supervisor well before these dates:

  • Priority deadline: 2 weeks after the start of the semester

  • Final deadline: 3 weeks after the start of the semester

Step 3: Submitting the Academic Components of your Internship

By Tuesday of Finals Week, email the internship documentation agreed upon with your Faculty Sponsor and On-Site Supervisor in the Learning Contract to Dr. Rachel Donham.


If you have questions about the Ukiah-Liberal Studies Internship Program, please email your advisor, Rachel Donham.