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Manza B.J. Atkinson


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Postdoc, Materials Science, Harvard University

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Iowa

B.S., Chemistry, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University


Dr. Atkinson is a materials chemist with a background in the synthesis, crystallization, development, and characterization of primarily organic and organometallic crystalline materials.  He received his education as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University in 2011, under the mentorship of Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor George Whitesides.  In the Whitesides' group Dr. Atkinson primarily investigated applications of magnetic levitation to separate crystal polymorphs.  He earned a doctorate degree from the University of Iowa with Professor Leonard MacGillivray in 2011.  As a graduate student Dr. Atkinson investigated sustainable methods of organic reactions in crystals to reduce the use of toxic solvents.  He attained his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  He joined the Sonoma State University department of chemistry as an adjunct faculty in the fall of 2020.   

He is very active in his local community through coaching, mentorship, and civic engagement.  He has served as a coach and mentor to hundreds of children through coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls volleyball, and Lego robotics.  He serves as a campaign manager for an elected city councilwoman. As a board member of the Measure O Citizens Oversight Committee in Santa Rosa, California, he and fellow members meet biannually to review expenditures and appropriations of the tax revenues to be utilized for specific police, fire and gang prevention and intervention programs primarily aimed at serving underrepresented and marginalized individuals.  He aims to improve the care for people with mental health disorders as a board member of the Siyan Clinical Corporation.

As a business owner, Dr. Atkinson recently co-founded Pacific Cocrystals, a company that serves to apply sustainable crystallization technologies to industrial processes.

Selected Publications & Presentations

1. Atkinson, M.B.J. “Conversations with Latino Physicians” 2022manuscript in progress

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4.  F.J. Mithila; Oyola-Reynoso, S.; Thuo, M.M.; Atkinson, M.B.J.  Visualization of Hyperconjugation and Subsequent Structural Distortions through 3D Printing of Crystal Structures  Lett. Org. Chem. 2016, 13(4), 272.

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