Advising Forms & Videos

Before attending your academic advising session, please search this list of topics and bring any necessary forms with you. 

Advising Videos

The School of Social Sciences has an Advising Resources page where you can find advising videos on many topics, including: How to Read your ARR, How to Use Seawolf Scheduler, How use "Additional Search Criteria" in MySSU to search for GE courses, How to Enroll in Courses, How to Drop/Swap Courses, and How to Waitlist for a Course. Check them out!!


Course Substitution Forms

  • Major/Minor Course Substitution Form (ARR Correction Form): Use this form if the Program Coordinator has approved a course substitution within the major. Please fill out the top portion and section labeled ‘Must be Filled Out by Student’. Leave other sections blank.
  • GE Course Substitution Form: Use this form to request a course substitution within the GE pattern. Please fill out Section I and Section II.

Graduation Paperwork

Getting ready to graduate? Congratulations!! Please be sure review the procedures for filing for your bachelor’s degree, and that you are aware of the deadlines for submitting your graduation application so that it gets to the Program Coordinator with enough time for her to review, sign and submit it on your behalf. Want to learn more about Graduation Timeline and Procedures? If you have questions about graduation, please check out SSU's Graduation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Graduation Application: Fill out the entire application, sign the bottom, and bring a paper copy with you to your meeting with Rachel Donham. If you do not know which forms to include on your application, or how to list them, you need to watch the instructional video: How to Fill Out a Graduation Application.
  • Graduation Changes: Fill out this form if you have previously submitted a Graduation Application but you need to postpone your graduation date or update the courses you need to take to complete your degree. No signatures are required.

Extra Units

  • Petition to Take Extra Units: Use this form if you have applied to graduate and you need to enroll in more than the maximum allowed units for your final semester. Please bring the completed form, along with a copy of your Academic Requirements Report, printed in color. 

Contract Courses

  • Internships: Interested in engaging in an internship with a community partner? Great! Please read the information outlined on the Liberal Studies Internship page.

Repeat a Course

  • Course Repeat Exception Form: If you repeat a course in which you received a C- or below, your grade will automatically be updated-no form is necessary. If you want to repeat a course in which you received a grade of C or higher, or the repeat course does not exactly match the course you want it to replace, you must use the Course Repeat Exception Form. Students interested in repeating a course should consult SSU’s Course Repeat Policy for course repeat guidelines.

Petiitions to: Add a Course After the Deadline, Withdraw from a Course, or Withdraw from SSU

Remember: You are responsible for understanding the potential consequences of withdrawing from a course, or the university. Be sure to read the Withdrawal Policy.

  • Petition to Add After the Deadline: Use this form if you need to add a course to your schedule after the end of Add/Drop. You must sign the form and obtain the instructor’s signature before submitting it to Rachel Donham. See the detailed instructions on the second page of this form.
  • Petition to Withdraw from a Course: Use this form to withdraw from a single course once the drop deadline has passed. Please fill out the entire form, including the ‘serious and compelling reason’ for the course withdrawal, up to the ‘student’s signature’ line.
  • Petition to Withdraw from SSU: Use this form to withdraw from SSU, either for a semester or indefinitely. Please fill out the entire form, including documentation of the ‘serious and compelling reason’ for requesting to withdraw.  

Forms for Uikiah Majors Not Currently Enrolled at SSU

  • Graduation Matriculation Form: Use this form if you previously attended SSU and wish to apply for graduation, but are not currently an enrolled SSU student. In order to apply for graduation, this form must accompany a graduation application (jump to the Graduation Paperwork section for more information about applying for graduation). Please fill out the entire form. If you do not know the courses you still need to take to complete your degree and you no longer have SSU login credentials, please email the Program Coordinator explaining your situation. Include in your email your full name, your SSU ID number (if you know it), the semester and year you declared Liberal Studies-Ukiah (if you know it), and ask the coordinator to run a ‘What-if Report’ for you.
  • Academic Disqualification: If you have been academically disqualified from SSU, you must follow the instructions on the Academic Disqualification webpage and bring all forms and supporting documents with you when you meet with your Academic Advisor and the Program Coordinator.